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Electronics section deals on  basics of electronics components and Microcontrollers(AVR , 8051 , PIC), also some microcontroller based projects. A collection of  open ebooks(legal) and opensource EDA softwares and a forum for helping each other for electronic projects.

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Instrumentation section contains working of various sensors transducers and instruments. Analytical instrumentation , Biomedical instrumentation , Vaccum pumps , signal conditioning equipments and our class notes at Instrumentation NIT Kurukshetra.

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MSP430 with IAR

First of all the question is why IAR why not CCS or GCC, here is my answer You are learning all these not just for fun, if it is then you may with gcc also. but if you are learning both for fun and career then you should prefer one which is used by industry, Read More →


Variety of capacitors available in market, some times I discover alien components on PCBs from Big companies. Some are don’t look like capacitors. Some are specific to some unique job, if u replace with another one it may not work at all like the low ESR capacitors in DC DC converters.   Ceramic A ceramic Read More →

SMD Codes Transistor Capacitor Resistor

SMD the surface mount devices are the smallest footprint componets. These are enough small to have some surface area write its name in full. So the manufacterers use unique code for each component which are 2/3 alphanumeric characters. resistance value from SMD resistors easy easy with three digit codes as it is same as the Read More →

Microcontroller-powered wet razor

Microcontrollers are everywhere, including the oddest of places, such as a razor—the Schick Hydro Power Select customizable power razor, to be precise. I’m not sure why you’d need microcontroller-controlled customizable power or the packaging, waterproofing, and power issues that go along with it, but I gave it a shot. After all, Schick promises it “allows Read More →

How the Digital world Sleeps

Have you ever thought about this, Unlike humans they have more options than us, they can Sleep, Standby, Hibernate, Restart and the last one Shutdown !! ! These things is available at both softaware (OS) level and hardware level. In your desktop or laptop u must have used all these options In this article I Read More →

Temperature Sensor from Butterfly wings

  Many of the shimmering colors in a butterfly’s wings are produced not with pigments, like the melanin that tints our skin, but with nanostructures (pdf). The scales on their wings are patterned with nanoscale channels, ridges, and cavities made of a protein called chitin. Unlike pigments, which create color by absorbing some wavelengths of Read More →

Testing HTTP request from Python

Before implementing a webserver in microcontroller, I was searching whether I could try the same on a PC and I got this actually I was searching for raw packet sending method. What I got is as below import httplib h2 = httplib.HTTPConnection(‘’) h2.connect() h2.request(“GET”, “/index.php”) r2 = h2.getresponse() print r2.status 200 (Server Reply) print r2.reason OK   (Server Reply) print Read More →

SPI and I2C protocol with PC Parallel Port

Now-a-days most of the sensors comes with an I2C or SPI interface. All sensors and supporting interface devices, energy meter ICs, Network analyzer chips have the I2C port. So it is now a bit complex than before as the interface was Serial (UART). Although all the advance microcontrollers have some extra support for this but Read More →



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Designed & Maintained By Xtronix

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