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Electronics section deals on  basics of electronics components and Microcontrollers(AVR , 8051 , PIC), also some microcontroller based projects. A collection of  open ebooks(legal) and opensource EDA softwares and a forum for helping each other for electronic projects.

Xtronix Instrumentation

Instrumentation section contains working of various sensors transducers and instruments. Analytical instrumentation , Biomedical instrumentation , Vaccum pumps , signal conditioning equipments and our class notes at Instrumentation NIT Kurukshetra.

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Xtronix Webhosting provides interactive websites with good SEO ranking. We always design sites with less graphics , low page load, highly interactive(USER data, survey..), Webmails(Any client or 3rd party like gmail or hotmail).



Fake URL with Non-Ascii domain names.

Two year ago there was a viral whats-app message with text “Spin the wheel to win Exciting gifts spin.amaᴢ ” The user checks the link address thinks its authenticated message and if i click here it will land me to an authenticated page. Here i am adding one more rule, whatsapp does not support hyperlink if […]

Building a QuadCopter or MultiCopter

First of all lets get all the terminologies associated with QuadCopters. What is the difference between RTF, BNF, PNP and ARF ? RTF stands for Ready-to-Fly and it means the model you are buying comes complete with everything you need to get started – straight from the box! Have look at our ready to fly […]

Tracking whatsapp without coding

You can hide the “Last Seen” in whatsapp but the Online status is shown to strangers to and this can be used to monitor your sleeping pattern and can correlated with other persons online activity. A lot of data can be mined from this simple 1 bit data Online or offline.         […]

Imaging for research

We are working on phenomics plants since 2014 although we are not directly involved in design of the systems still we have learnt things that matter in this type of imaging. here i am going list out few terms that used in imaging: Lense Characteristics: Chromatic aberration (abbreviated CA; also called chromatic distortion and spherochromatism) […]

U-blox GNSS Modules and RTK

In last few years use of High Precision Positioning systems gained popularity in variety of application e.g. construction, agriculture and GIS. High precision GNSS systems with horizontal accuracy in centimeters helped in precision agriculture for planting in accurate positions as per plan and auto guidance for tractors. AutoGuidance in big farms helps farmers to save […]

Electronic Design Abbreviations

ZVS: In a quasi-resonant zero-current/zero-voltage switch (ZCS/ZVS) “each switch cycle delivers a quantized ‘packet’ of energy to the converter output, and switch turn-on and turn-off occurs at zero current and voltage, resulting in an essentially lossless switch.”[32] Quasi-resonant switching, also known as valley switching, reduces EMI in the power supply. TBU: Its a tradename of Transient […]

Microsoft Serial ballPoint autoinstall

I have been using avr microcontrollers for last 1 year but never faced this problem. Yesterday I was trying to connect a Arduino mini pro with a USB-Serial interface(supplied by Decagon, DevName DecagonUCA, Chip:Silabs CP2024).  I have used this same device in same configuration several times in last 3/4 months. But only change in code […]

AVR Mk-II for Aurduino and back to AVRStudio

Drivers in desktop operating systems are not so simple as the embedded drivers, some times it take hours to solve the driver issues specially with the USB Debuggers. Few Days back i was using arduino for low power applications, so excluded all the supporting components like programmers, UART link and used AVR ISP MkII for […]



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Designed & Maintained By Xtronix

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