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Xtronix Electronics

Electronics section deals on  basics of electronics components and Microcontrollers(AVR , 8051 , PIC), also some microcontroller based projects. A collection of  open ebooks(legal) and opensource EDA softwares and a forum for helping each other for electronic projects.

Xtronix Instrumentation

Instrumentation section contains working of various sensors transducers and instruments. Analytical instrumentation , Biomedical instrumentation , Vaccum pumps , signal conditioning equipments and our class notes at Instrumentation NIT Kurukshetra.

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Xtronix Webhosting provides interactive websites with good SEO ranking. We always design sites with less graphics , low page load, highly interactive(USER data, survey..), Webmails(Any client or 3rd party like gmail or hotmail).



Depth Cameras for Gaming and Research

Graphics Processors, who new someday these will be a prime part of modern day computer lab. Earlier these things was assumed only for video game fun. Now the second thing we got from the gaming business is the Depth cameras. Depth cameras also known as 3D / VR / interaction camera.most of the cameras have … Continue reading Depth Cameras for Gaming and Research

FlySky FS-i6S Pixhawk 6 Flight Mode

Here are my settings for the FlySky-i6. These will give you six (6) flight modes using SwC and SwD Firmware 1.1 9-Jan-2015 Endpoints Ch5 67% 50% Aux. Channel 5 Source SwC Aux. Channel 6 Source SwD Mix #1 Mix is ON Master Ch6 Slave Ch5 Pos. mix 4% Neg. mix 50% Offset +17% Reference: John Carber’s … Continue reading FlySky FS-i6S Pixhawk 6 Flight Mode

PixHawk 2: Is it worth the price

Pixhawk is a popular Hardware platform designed by ETH Zurich students, Pixhawk supports its own autopilot and the popular Ardupilot flight stack. The first commercial version was distributed by 3DR robotics.  3DR produced several versions of pixhawk. The px4 documentation listed hardwares as below Pixhawk mRo Pixhawk mRobotics-X2.1 HKPilot32 Pixfalcon Dropix Pixracer MindPX MindRacer Cube … Continue reading PixHawk 2: Is it worth the price

Pixhawk APM Ardupilot: History of Opensource UAV

All these opensource thing started with Chris Anderson CEO of 3DR. Founder of DIY Robocars, DIY Drones, Dronecode, ArduPilot. Formerly Editor of Wired. He started the website while working on lego based UAV. Now founders of both Pixhawk and Ardupilot Joined as Dronecode collaboration, but the ardupilot is still independently running with its own contributers. … Continue reading Pixhawk APM Ardupilot: History of Opensource UAV

DGCA India Drone rules: NPNT and SSB

On my last post I explained details of drone policy published on 27th Aug 2018, the policy was in draft for last 3 years. Now they published it but this is still incomplete without the agencies expected work in middle. Here i am listing some issues which are still not clear. 1.NPNT Compliance No Permission … Continue reading DGCA India Drone rules: NPNT and SSB

GPS Parameters NMEA and RAW

If you are using a GPS/GNSS module in your project you need to understand the parameters passed through the NMEA sentences. But if you are working on RTK or some precision Location algorithm then you should know the RAW data parameters too. These Raw data are mostly vendor specific like ublox has ubx, trimble T0 … Continue reading GPS Parameters NMEA and RAW

Ublox GPS Fake and Original

Earlier i have written a blog about RTK, where i have used ublox modules for RTKlib. Ublox GPS(GNSS actually) modules are famous for their cost to performance ratio. Another reason is RAW code phase data from GNSS receivers, although they don’t  support RAW output feature officially for their non-premium modules. Most of the opensource and … Continue reading Ublox GPS Fake and Original

Drone 1.0 from DGCA

Flying drones(UAS) in controlled or uncontrolled Airspace is prohibited for public in India and it will be same till 1st Dec 2018.  DGCA, the authority responsible for controlling air traffic in Indian airspace drafted a set of rule in 2016 and again in 2017 modified and published as a draft only.  On 27th August 2018 … Continue reading Drone 1.0 from DGCA



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Designed & Maintained By Xtronix

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