Electronic Design Abbreviations

ZVS: In a quasi-resonant zero-current/zero-voltage switch (ZCS/ZVS) “each switch cycle delivers a quantized ‘packet’ of energy to the converter output, and switch turn-on and turn-off occurs at zero current and voltage, resulting in an essentially lossless switch.”[32] Quasi-resonant switching, also known as valley switching, reduces EMI in the power supply.

TBU: Its a tradename of Transient Blocking Unit (TBU™) Electronic Current Limiter designed by bournes. TBU technology is designed to block a transient through a current disconnecting mechanism rather than diverting or shunting the surge to ground. This blocking technology virtually eliminates latency in the circuit protection design which results in surge protection for sensitive electronic equipment within nanoseconds.

AFE: Analog Front End

AMR: Automatic meter reading

APD: Avalanche Photo Diodes

BIST: Built-in self-test.

Baseline: The electrical signal from a sensor when no measured variable is present. Often referred to the output at no-load condition.

Beyond-the-Rails: Beyond-the-Rails™ Maxim’s name for a feature of an IC that can process inputs and provide output voltages that exceed the supply rails. The feature is achieved through on-chip integration of necessary supply rails.

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