Microcontroller-powered wet razor

Microcontrollers are everywhere, including the oddest of places, such as a razor—the Schick Hydro Power Select customizable power razor, to be precise. I’m not sure why you’d need microcontroller-controlled customizable power or the packaging, waterproofing, and power issues that go along with it, but I gave it a shot. After all, Schick promises it “allows men to interact with their razor in a new way.” I never realized that I longed to interact with my razor in new ways, but Schick has created a demand—a craving, if you will—and I just had to try it. Alas! It wasn’t all that much better than interacting with my regular arm-powered, hand-controlled razor, so I instead took it apart. It’s a bit more interesting to go inside and see how the designers implemented a wet razor, powered from one AAA battery and featuring three vibration settings, easy-to-read indicators, and a haptic sensor. Why they would do it is another question.

Most interesting thing abou this gadget is that it is powered by two microchip products one is the microcontroller PIC10F222 which generates the PWM signals and other is the boost controller MCP1624 from microchip which makes the system to run with single AAA size batter i.e. 1.2volt (NiCD rechargable).

1. A three-stage power button sets the vibration. The razor rotates through all three settings and then goes into off mode. It required too much pressure to activate due to its sealing cap.

2. A vibration-stage indicator uses LEDs.

3. Batteries are inserted here…..Read more

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