PixHawk 2: Is it worth the price

Pixhawk is a popular Hardware platform designed by ETH Zurich students, Pixhawk supports its own autopilot and the popular Ardupilot flight stack. The first commercial version was distributed by 3DR robotics.  3DR produced several versions of pixhawk. The px4 documentation listed hardwares as below

  1. Pixhawk
  2. mRo Pixhawk
  3. mRobotics-X2.1
  4. HKPilot32
  5. Pixfalcon
  6. Dropix
  7. Pixracer
  8. MindPX
  9. MindRacer
  10. Cube (Pixhawk 2)
  11. Pixhawk 3 Pro
  12. Pixhack v3
  13. Pixhawk 4
  14. Pixhawk 4 Mini
  15. Pixhack v5
  16. Pixhawk Mini (Discontinued)

However the Pixhawk 2.1 /2 or Pixhawk Cube from profiCNC is at top of all comparing to price of other hardwares. Its price is around 5 times of the 3DR version of pixhawk. The processor is exactly same and the sensors are equivalent to others. Only difference is the mechanical design and the connectors. The machanical design provide good vabration damping needed for the sensors best performance.

Misleading Feature Advertisements on there website they are counting each multi sensor chip as a single sensor counting 29 sensors which is exactly same in other versions too. They did not published the sensor names although its available on their github page. Now hex aero too uploaded a datasheet.

FMU Main board sensors (Github Page)

• MPU9250 (or ICM 20xxx) integrated accelerometer / gyro.
• MS5611 Baro

IMU Board Sensors (Github Page)

• LSM303D integrated accelerometer / magnetometer.
• L3GD20 gyro.
• MPU9250 (or ICM 20xxx) Gyro / Accel
• MS5611 Baro

So all total 4 Gyro(3 on IMU 1 on Main board) and 2 barometers

Lets see what was pixhawk 1

  • ST Micro L3GD20H 16 bit gyroscope
  • ST Micro LSM303D 14 bit accelerometer / magnetometer
  • Invensense MPU 6000 3-axis accelerometer/gyroscope
  • MEAS MS5611 barometer

CUAV PixHawk v3


  • Accelerometers (3): LS303D, MPU6000, MPU9250/hmc5983
  • Gyroscopes (3): L3GD20, MPU6000, MPU9250
  • Compass (2): LS303D, MPU9250
  • Barometer (2): MS5611 X2