Start with AVR and Codevision



In the previous page i have described about the Hardware(Programmer/Burner) and the necessary software(compiler/assembler)


above is the pinouts of the atmega8 and atmega16 microcontrollers.


insert the micro in the middle of the breadboard. Connect the supply line(+5v) to VCC and GND



Connect the Progrmmer/Burner, the programmer below is the simplest AVR programmer, supported by all burning/compiler softwares. To make this programmer u need a DB-25/printer port/parallel port socket, 4 no's resistors(220ohms), a ribbon wire


connect the programmer lids(MISO,MOSI,SCK,RESET,GND) to the respective pins of ur microcontroller

Now your setup is ready to program

Proceed to the Hello world Pogramme





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Designed & Maintained By Xtronix

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