• Power Supply for Instruments

    Types of DC-DC converters

    Designing an electronics products starts with the Power Section. Power section it self comprises of several sub sections Rectifier, Buck boost, Charge Control, Battery Management etc. There are several Methods developer must choose the option best for the purpose. AC Powered Equipment powered from wall outlet of domestic AC supply get 50/60Hz 180v/220V . These …

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  • Cygwin WSL Colinux MinGw Msys

    Working with opensource codes sometimes end up with OS compatibility issues, toolchain need support of Linux environment. So there are number of solution to this problem. Researchers / Developers need to choose the perfect package for their purpose. 12 years ago when i was working for High Energy Physics Simulations with software’s like Geant4 Root …

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    Why are we comparing these two, are not they purely different with no similarity? No they have similarities which push you to a confusion about these two things. So lets talk about the similarities first. Commands (ls, cp, mv, chmod, kill .. many more) Directory structure Philosophy of everything is file List of Unix Based …

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