• GNSS Chapter 2 : GNSS Constellations

    In last chapter we learnt how satellites help us get our position in 3D space. Now lets see how many satellites are there serving this purpose. GPS NAVSTAR Global Positioning System also called NAVSTAR , GPS is hosted by United States of America operated by US Space Force. The Project was started by Defense Department …

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  • GNSS Chapter-1: How GPS works ?

    GPS is the popular term for satellite navigation, even in our smart phones we always call it as GPS although its a not only GPS but GLONASS GaliLEO QZSS beidou. Android use the term location as its coordinates are actually calculated from fusion of multiple data. So the technology we are discussing here is about …

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  • ESP-IDF http Server

    Server here i mean any kind of service hosted on ESP32 which is accessible via TCP/IP. Here our server may be a TCP or UDP server. In both there are plenty of services both there are limited services which can be really implemented on these small chips. In ESP-IDF example codes they have provided Raw …

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